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May 04, 2008

New Violin Sonata and New Electronic Piece - Celestograph I

I've finished a new violin sonata, my 4th, and have uploaded a realization. It's a bit more poetic, a bit less bombastic than the 3rd but full of energy and harmonies.

Sonata for Violin and Piano #4 - Synthesized Realization

And yesterday I finished my first full length electronic piece in 5 years! It's called Celestograph I and will be part of a series of pieces called hmmm... Celestographs! The piece uses the Wendy Carlos harmonic series tuning and is a celestially inspired processional. The title comes from a photographic series by August Strindberg in which he made photographs directly exposed to the night sky, without a lens. He believed the lens warped the direct expression of the stars.

Here's an article about his work The Celestographs of August Strindberg

Celestograph I

A big big thanks to Kyle Gann for including 4 of my pieces in the new lineup to his ever popular, prize-winning and wondrous radio show, Online Experimental Radio. He's included L'Ecume des Temps for Violin and Guitar, Erg for Mandolin and Guitar, DeltaBandResonator for Piano and my stretched Beethoven 3rd electronic piece, Eroica Spettrale

Also, super violinist Piotr Szewczyk continues to rock the violin world with his series Violin Futura. Here's a recent poster:

He's recently played the entire series (including my piece Puce in Jacksonville, FL (twice), at the Santa Fe New Music Festival, and at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music! Bravo!!!

We moved recently (more about that at a later date) and we threw away hundreds of books and videos, but not before digitizing some of the videos. Here's a YouTube of an experimental video I made back in 1988 on my Amiga 1000 computer with algorithmically generated ambient music.

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