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Prometheus 1994, oil on linen, 30"x36"

Self Portrait 1997, oil on linen, 12"x16"

Self portrait painted in an hour.

The Three Graces 1993, oil on linen, 43"x43"

A feminist interpretation of the Neo-Platonic allegory.

Gaia Altarpiece 1992, oil on canvas, 48"x 48"

The goddess of the earth, the mother of us all, stands on her planet which is cradled by the three-headed dragon of universal energy. She bestows upon Pan, god of wild nature, the mysterious secret of music which is symbolized in the reeds behind him and from which he fashions the pan flute, its haunting sound echoing throughout the untamed world. Also master of the untamed world and musical messenger for Gaia is Jimi Hendrix, shown here in exaltation. Behind him, standing guard to his queen is the Green Man - ancient European deity of the virgin forest. His menacing eye warns humanity of the terrible consequences which will befall our world if we don't honor him and the vegetation of the planet. Attending Gaia is the Cretan Snake Goddess - goddess of the life force - the Zoe of Ancient Greece, the Tao of the Chinese, the Yoga Kundalini (serpent power of India). She holds and hypnotizes the left and right powers of energy - right brain/left brain, feminine/masculine, night/day - maintaining the equilibrium needed for growth. Staggering onto the scene is the first and last god, Dionysus, god of intoxication, chaos, ecstacy but also of freedom and spontaneity.

The Return of Dionysus 1987-89, oil on canvas, 48"x 60"

Dionysus and his consort Ariadne accompany their retinue to a cave in preparation for a bacchanal celebrating Dionysus' recent return from being kidnapped, dismembered and eaten by a band of pirates.

The Lamentation 1982, Oil on Canvas, 15"x16"

Classical nude reclining on marble blocks.

The Madness of Hölderlin 1995, oil on linen, 48"x60"

The great German Romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843) is "struck by Apollo" while walking in the piercing sunlight of southern France in May, 1802.

Muse 1982, oil on canvas, 5"x7"

The Triumph of Venus 1980, oil on canvas, 52"x 72"

The Graces dance behind the sleeping figure of Venus as a young man carries off a maiden in the heat of passion. Eros looks mischievously on from atop a tree. Below, beside the fountain of the waters of life, a beautiful nymph ponders the ephemerality of existence as a poet sings to his lyre. In the distance a couple in contemporary costume survey the horizon. They are the artist and Jeff Harrington who have just married and look into the future. This painting was created in honor of this occasion, and as thanks to the goddess of love for her benevolence.

Frankenstein: Creator Meets Created on the Mer de Glace 1995, oil on linen, 52"x52"

The megalomanical Victor is confronted by his neglected "son." Unloved by humankind. the first unnatural being is protected and welcomed by Nature.

Biker Bacchanale 1994, oil on linen, 12"x16"

Bikers rest by a lake, drink beer, tell stories, while two biker chicks bathe under a waterfall.

Homage a De Chirico 1984, oil on canvas, 8"x10"

Skull, Bread and Pomegranates 1991, oil on canvas, 16"x20"

Skull and Boots II 1990, oil on canvas, 16"x 20"

This allegorical vanitas is a meditation on life and the walk towards death, the vanity of youth and health, the pain and frustration of illness and the cry for help, the hope in the white wing of the handkerchief and the skull facing towards the future, the boots ready to march steadily onward.

The Loss of Eurydice 1994, oil on linen, 48"x52"

Orpheus looks back at Eurydice during her rescue from Hades, losing her forever.

The Realm of Hypnos 1995, oil on linen (sketch), 22"x24"

The god Morpheus alights to waken the dreamer as Hypnos orchestrates the dream in the crystal ball he holds. The river Lethe trickles by as the the dream figure wanders into the fog at the right.

Serenata 1980-81, oil on linen, 36"x48"

Allegory of the power of music.

Noel 1997, oil on linen, 10"x12"

Noel II 1997, oil on linen, 10"x12"

Battle 1994, oil on linen, 24"x30"

Allegory of masculine brutality being countered by the feminine forces of grace and innocence.

The Triumph of Pan 1986, oil on linen, 40"x50"

Bacchanale with Dionysus, Ariadne, and drunken Pan.

The Discovery of Ariadne 1981, oil on canvas, 36"x48"

Dionysus and his retinue find the sleeping Ariadne whom Theseus has just abandoned on the island of Naxos.

The Celebration of Life 1978, oil and tempera on masonite, 14"x 17"

A group of celestial maidens dance. In the background, by the building, the activities of life go on.

Bather, Morning Light 1983, oil on canvas, 18"x 22"

Nymph stretches beside a waterfall and a lake in the early morning when the stars are still out.

The Angel of the Innumerable Meanings 1990, oil on linen, 24"x30"

Eurynome Creates the Cosmos 1994, 27"x36"

Odalisque 1984, oil on masonite, 8"x 10"

Reclining Bather 1982, oil on linen, 12"x 18"

Altarpiece to the Great Mutation 1997, oil on linen, 48"x52"

The Death of Socrates 1986, oil on canvas, 30"x 36"

Socrates takes the hemlock for his crimes against the state.

The Cycle of Samsara 1982, oil on canvas, 45"x 50"

Dance dans le Vent 1985, oil on canvas, 32"x 40"

Finocchio 1990, oil on canvas, 16"x20"

The Newly Dead 1991, oil on canvas, 12"x 18"

Painting of a dream had after a safe plane trip and seeing plane crash footage on the television news. The dead look for their things among the wreckage.

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